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You do not mention what condition(s) are involved.
Is it all nasal mucus or is it secretions at the back of the throat?
There are allergy medications that do not cause sleepiness. I would check with the persons doctor or a pharmacist to be sure there are no interactions with any other medication that they might be taking.
If it other secretions a swab can clear the back of the mouth. Do not go far back that can trigger gag reaction.
There are also suction bulbs that can be used. Typically used for infants to clear noses
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I have my mother blow her nose while I hold the tissue. I then use a Q Tip with a little saline and water to clean the nose then I follow with a warm facecloth to make sure her nose is clean. This works really good. There is also a baby nasal aspirator you can use, ask the pharmacist for advice on the aspirator.
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AnnReid Mar 2021
I was going to suggest the baby aspirator(s) also. There are several styles and they’re fairly safe and it’s easy to learn how to use them.
May I ask what are the bad allergies? And can those allergy related issues be eliminated?

I found using a scented detergent and/or dryer sheet to wash/dry my bed linens would stuff me up big time. Same if used for washing clothing. Just a thought.
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I have horrible allergies. I take Claritin and use saline drops. I also use Flonase. I have an inhaler for my asthma.

I am severely allergic to dust and molds. I vacuum and clean constantly to reduce dust.

I would get rid of dust collecting items. Take photos of pieces and give them away or place in storage somewhere.

I am allergic to pollen and it’s spring! Also allergic to many other things, to many to list.

Allergies are miserable to live with.

Hot showers feel good and help some too.

Hot tea is soothing as well.
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After first addressing the potential causes, there are some factors to consider, and some to help:

To consider:

1.    Level of moisture in the air, especially in winter when heat dies out the air.  A hygrometer can reveal the moisture level.  If necessary, buy a moisturizer and keep it in her room.

2.  Since she's bedridden, would definitely check the moisture level and get a humidifier, especially if the level is less than 30.

3.   Some plants can also moisturize the air;  the spider plant is one.

4.   Food with more salt can dry up bodily fluids; it makes my mouth more dry, which is why I threw out salt over 2 decades ago.  The only salt I get is in some foods, which I try to avoid (but sometimes I forget).

5.   Low sodium soups are best, and check soup is great for stimulating the nasal passages.

6.   I used to heat sage from my garden and allow it to penetrate my nasal passages.    I used another herb but can't remember which one it was.  It might have been basil.   I haven't had to do this for years though.    If you do heat herbs for release of their fragrance and for nasal stimulation, buy organic herbs.

7.   Posture:   breathing is easier when sitting or standing up straight, something that can challenge many as we age.   Since she's bedridden, perhaps the best that can be done is to raise the head of the bed so she can sit up straighter.  

I can understand that nasal passages become clogged when someone is bedridden and unable to move around or get outside.  

Hope this helps.
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Plain saline nasal spray gently 'shot up' each nostril---then have the pt blow their nose after a couple of minutes. Hopefully the mucous will have thinned out.

DH had sinus surgery a few months ago--what a gamechanger! He'd suffered from sinus problems his whole life. The ENT went in and cleaned out his whole sinus system--and DH woke up and could BREATHE!!! He's faithfully followed the Docs advice to use a saline 'spray system' but he can handle having a lot of warm saline being fairly forcefully sprayed into his sinuses. IDK if an elderly person could handle that.

Keep the air in the house fairly humid. We live in a desert and are used to low humidity. I have a humdifier connected to my HVAC system so our air is humidifed.

Flonase, used on a daily basis can really help with allergies. Talk to your doc first. DH doesn't require daily allergy meds when he is consistent with the saline spray and Flonase.
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Try looking in a baby store (or on line for baby products). There is a small device shaped like a bulb which can be used to suck out the nasal congestion (sorry I can't remember the real name---it's a smaller version of a kitchen baster).
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