I feel a little like I put my darling in the lions den. It is a wonderful place and they have an isolation wing etc. now. There are daily phone calls or video chat etc. But boy do I feel guilty! Couple of cases so far.

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Not yet, but probably soon, since there are upwards of 67 virus outbreaks here in Colorado in ALFs, SNFs and all the rest of the residential care communities. That also includes Independent Living apartments and the like. far as feeling 'guilty' goes, unless your mother was living with you, she would be in a 'lions den' no matter WHERE she lived at this point in time. Right? And even if she was living with you, that's not an automatic 'pass' on contracting the virus!! That's just the truth. My mother lives in a Memory Care ALF, and there is no way I can even take her home with me, before there's an outbreak. She's just got way too many issues going on, is wheelchair bound, and I'm not able to see to all of her constant needs. Not to mention, DH works and subjects the entire household to potentially getting the virus. So she'll stay where she is and let the chips fall where they may.

I read another post here that the OPs mom is in an ALF with an outbreak, and only suffered minor symptoms of the virus.

I think this is an unprecedented situation that's out of everyone's control, frankly. All anyone can do is take the best precautions they can, and leave the rest in God's hands.

Wishing you the best of luck (along with all the rest of us with parents in care facilities). Actually, wishing ALL OF US the best of luck in coming through this pandemic intact.

One day at a time.
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Oh Lealonnie1,
Again after many moons reading your posts, you are a calm voice of reason. Thank you. Just what I needed to hear. My DH said the same thing. Happy Easter!
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