He tries to get out of bed all night, but can't stand and can't walk. Do you have any ideas on medicines or supplements that could calm him down during the night and let him sleep?

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Before you consider medicines, try more safe methods.   For one thing, when is his last meal, and what does it generally consist of?   If he's eating stimulating foods, that isn't going to help his night time restlessness.     I do recognize that dementia complicates the issue.

Have you tried turkey based meals in the evening?   Have you considered playing soothing music after meals to help him relax?   TV, unless it's one of the music stations, or programs with baby cats, dogs, or other soothing content, shouldn't be part of his evening routine; not only can the contents be stimulative, but I've also read that blue light can contribute to difficulty in sleeping.  I've tried it; that's true.  

You can buy CDs of soft soothing, relaxing music.    When my sister was dying of cancer, we listened to a CD of waves lapping on the shore - both of us were having difficulty sleeping and the rhythmic sound of waves helped calm us.

I too would recommend Melatonin, but I wouldn't administer anything w/o discussing it with one of his doctors.
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Supplements: Melatonin, Valerian Root, Lemon Balm, Chamomile Tea
Usually taken 1 to 2 hrs before bedtime.
Antipsychotic Medicines: Trazadone, Seroquel
Usually taken 1 to 2 hrs before bedtime.
Hypnotic Medicines: Ambien CR, Lunesta (Beware paradoxical excitement)
Benzodiazepines: Xanax, Ativan, Restoril (Beware paradoxical excitement)
As always, check with the primary doctor for negative side effects and potentially dangerous interactions with other medications.


Sundowning Syndrome - What is it and why does this happen?
Management starts at 16:10, link below:
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Whole melatonin, l-theanine and lemon balm are great for natural sleep enhancers, they may not work for everyone. Have you spoken with your Dad's PCP about his sleep habits. I do know there are prescriptions especially for people who have dementia.
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Have you tried Melatonin?
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