My mother is 85, lives alone, is excruciatingly lonely, and in relatively good health. She does not own her home. Has $1,250 month social security and less than $50,000 in savings. We looked at a nearby assisted living community. The least expensive room is $1325 per month. She would go through her savings relatively quickly and then what? The counselor at the assisted living facility told me that mom would qualify for Aid and Attendance through the VA. I looked on the website and it directs you to the local office. I'm wondering if it is worth it to take a day off work and take Mom to the VA to pursue qualification of this benefit.

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Yes, definately go check on this. I did for my dad and mom & it has been a tremendous help to us for their care. Look up the local Veterans Service Officer in your area and they should help you fill out the forms.
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Definitely go for it but I suggest get someone experienced to help you with the application. If an i isn't dotted, it may not get excepted. There is a maximum that a person can have in accounts to qualify, but it can be placed in a protected account for her benefit.
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I would try any benefit/resource you can, for her it is better to be prepared, than to wait until a crisis situation happens. If she becomes ill and needs an aid in the future you can be sure the $50,000 she has won't cover her care. You can probably request an application to be mailed to your Mothers address. Then you can start there.
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