Mom is stroke survivor in wheelchair with partial paralysis, dad is sole caregiver. They installed shower with seat however they still have sliding doors that prevent him from getting her in and out safely alone. Has anyone found affordable alternate solutions for in place of doors that will not get the rest of bathroom wet?

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I think removing both doors, ns going with a shower curtain would work best. Using a shower chair that is both inside and outside of the bathtub works best, if you have the room, that way she can sit down on the outside part of the chair, slide over into the tub side of the chair, pull the shower curtain over as much as possible while showering, dry off, and then slide back over to finish up drying and dressing.

The glass doors are a hazard, in my opinion. And removing them will make it easier and her more accessible, while Anyone is helping her to shower.

Also, a hand held shower works best too!
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Remove one of the doors. Then use curtain for the opening. Some water may still get out but not nearly as much. Easier to wipe up. Or get an aid to come in to take care of the shower. It should be covered by insurance with a doc's script.
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