Went to doctor today..doctors said that not only does she have Alzheimer's but vascular dementia..said that she is in the end of stage 6..also fluid in her brain.and high blood the doctor wants me to call in hopsice so they can check on her and if she needs pain meds..or etc...I dnt think she is ready for that..please help..

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I don't think it can hurst to have a hodpice evaluation and see what services they have to offer.

My mom became eligible for hospice last summer, after two bouts of pneumonia. She also has chf and dementia, which is progressing.
Ultimately, we decided last year to go with Palliative care and not officially do hospice, but I'm glad for the conversatuon and meeting the provider. It sharpened our thinking, especially around the issue of ER trips. We are now asking the nh to treat in house and not transport her. And we made sure that there is a standing order for morphine if she goes into respiratory distress.
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motherof5, I remember the first time my husband's doctor suggested she would approve hospice care at any time. It is a shock, isn't it -- even though in my case I was expecting it. Looking back it probably would have been best to have accepted it then, but I waited a while. Our hospice experience was a good one.

My mother was also on hospice. After 3 months she was discharged from the program because she had improved a lot. She is still with us, a year and a half later.

Hospice doesn't really change the outcome or result of the disease. They offer pain control and comfort.

Shocking as the suggestion must have been, I hope you will seriously consider the doctor's advice. Hospice can be a great help.
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