He has been caring for her with assistance from health care workers for about a year now and she is starting to decline very rapidly, both physically and cognitively. He believes that he won’t be able to take care of her much longer and was wondering whether she could go to assisted living or memory care or if a skilled nursing facility will be the only option. How do you know which kind of facility is appropriate?

Assisted living fits the bill when a person is mostly cognizant and needs some help with activities of daily living, such as meals being made, medication reminders, and transportation. It’s the most social of the choices. Skilled nursing care is needed when a person can’t do most any activity of daily living without full assistance, has lots of medical needs, is in need of a wheelchair or bed most all the time. Memory Care is a secure environment, prevents wandering, and has staff trained to care for those with dementias
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The doctor will make a recommendation, then the facility will complete an evaluation to determine the level of care needed.
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It really depends on the individual facility.

Start touring them. My mom has Parkinson’s disease.

When I was looking at assisted living facilities I specifically asked if they accepted Parkinson’s patients.

They said yes, because she was using a walker then.

I cared for my mom at my home, then my brother and sister in law had her for awhile and now that she is completely bed bound, she is in a hospice house.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disease, without a cure. He’s wise to place her.

Best of luck finding a suitable place.
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Ask her doctor what he recommends. That's the first step.
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