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My mom (71) had a massive stroke 3 years ago that left her in a wheelchair, right side mostly paralyzed but most impactful issues is she is nonverbal and has obviously major brain damage. She started out better than she is now. You could talk to her and she understood. Now she gets confused when you talk to her. A lot of repeating things because she doesn’t understand and also because her memory is shot. Most recently she’s been just acting really weird. She had an accident and instead of getting me to help her change, she just wheeled around pant-less staring at things like the trash can and the wall. She didn’t even take her messed underwear off. Yuck. The pant-less thing wouldn’t be so weird if it was just the two of us but it isn’t, she lives with my husband and child as well. Today I made her a pb&j for lunch and she sat there licking it like an ice cream cone? She’s just getting progressively weirder. Is this normal so long after a stroke or is she getting dementia? Thanks.

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Thanks for your replies. We have a Dr. appt next week and I will ask him about it.
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AlvaDeer Jan 2, 2021
Great news. Hope you will update us. Your experience is invaluable to others.
A stroke that affected her right side MOTORICALLY most likely affected the left side of her brain.

Have you spoken to her neurologist about the recent change in her behavior?

A sudden change in mental status is a medical emergency a needs to be reported to her medical team.

UTIs can also cause sudden diminshment in cognitive skills and behavior.
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My husband had a massive stroke at the age of 48, that affected his right side as well, along with his speech, ability to walk, talk and write. I noticed fairly early on with him that he was having a hard time understanding the spoken word, and that only got worse as he got older. My husband did end up developing vascular dementia, which is common in stroke patients, and sounds like perhaps that is what your mom is experiencing. Definitely have her checked out by her neurologist, as they can better asses what is going on with her. Best wishes.
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My late MIL developed vascular dementia after a stroke. It could be as a result of an UTI or long term insomnia too.
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Have her neurologist check her for dementia. Vascualr dementia is one of the progressive diseases that is caused by strokes. One major stroke usually isn't the cause of VaD. It's usualy many minor or micro stokes that have a cumulative effect on the brain's oxygen supply. Since her major sroke, she may have had or be having these tiny strokes that are almost unnoticeable by the patient or the family.

Her "weird" behavior could indicate dementia. Talk to her doc about the changes you see in her.
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She needs a medical workup to answer these questions for you. They will almost certainly order scanning or MRI for brain for some answers to your question. So difficult to assess without any verbal skills at all. So sorry for all you are going through, both of you. It does sound as though she may need soon to go into care so your are able to have some quality of life for your husband, yourself and your child.
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