I have finally found an adult day care place for my mother. She went 3 days and now she won't go. She's done this before with the senior center. She puts on this big act where she says she is sick and starts burping uncontrollably. She convinces herself she is sick so she becomes it. She gets nasty and child like and unmovable. She will not get dressed or get out of bed. What can I do? The doctor mentioned sedatives, is that my only option?

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Hey in the long run those sedatives might become your friend. I think you doc knows from previous cantakerous old folks that sometimes it is the best option. My mom was pissing and moaning about being lonely at that time I only had a caregiver coming in 2 days a week. I found the Salvation Army very close by had a wonderful Day Care going on for seniors and they even came to pick up. But my mom refused to go saying she could not get in and out of the house or into their van. She never even tried. That was sad...I spoke for a long time to the lady who ran it. Her mother even was a part of it for years before she passed. But my mother has it stuck in her head just like my father to die at home...well we will see. If she is healthy and just becomes more bedridden and I have to work full time she will have to go one day into a NH...if she likes it or not...especially if no one can pick her up due to all the weight she carries.

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