Yes, the Parents:
Controlled the TV 24/7.
Demanded their nonstop attention.
Were never satisfied.
No matter if “6-10” demands were met......they found something new to complain about.
Brand new demands, chores, flowers to plant, closets to clean, rugs to move, dishes to check on, dusting to do. not forget, you took over paying their monthly bills 12 months ago......
Asked daily at 2:20 pm.......did you go get the mail????????
”Did you see that cobweb hanging under the TV stand??? looks like a hammock!!!!!!!!
Don’t forget:
You do all the dishes.
All the laundry.
Clean all bathrooms.
Do all grocery shopping.
Clean dining room, living room, kitchen.
Cook every meal.
Sweep daily.
Fetch Rx from Walmart.
Order Mail Order Rx.


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Thanks GrannieAnnie.....I can tell you totally know.
Seriously, we could give the AMA Geriatric physicians a website!!!
Is it not one bizarre instance after the next???????
She hounded me for a month to go up to our attic and get her a “basket” to put her stuffed animals and collection of tiny “Sayings” pillows in......
I got it 1 1/2 weeks ago, I live in the south, only about 120 degrees up in the attic.....
Well, there sits the basket on her floor where I put it, her stuffed items still in a bag in her room.
Had to be done though right???????
Keep you posted on next ridiculous demand.....:)

Oh my goodness - seeing it listed is overwhelming.  No wonder we burn out.  Remember all the taxi-driving her to appointments. 

My aunt got most upset when we refused to get up from eating to answer the phone. "Aren't you going to get it?"  No, it is just a commercial, an ad.  Same thing other nights.  The other thing she could never forgive was not stopping the pup from humping his blanket.  One evening she grabbed the blanket, and the tug-of-war left her on the floor. She needed Rescue to come get her up, and I realized that she could never be left alone again, even for 10 minutes to the store.

Everytime we adjusted to her new normal, her routine and abilities changed.
Good luck, and get some time away  from her.

Obviously you guys are living it.......
I try, daily. I try to get a better attitude. The parents don’t see how they are bringing us to our knees.
The siblings could care less....
I miss my life.
We don’t have the money to bring in respite......out of our pocket.
No Medicaid qualification here.
Thanks for listening.
It is helpful to vent.
I know this is not forever.....

Dear Arimethea,

You are so good to care for your parents but as you listed it is a lot. I too had to go to work and care for the household.  So many men and women are just trying so hard to do their best by their parents.

Hope you can get some respite and give yourself the time off you need because the burnt out is real. The anger and resentment is also real. I hope their are resources in the church or community that can help you cope with all this responsibility.

Thinking of you.

That sounds about right! It is sad that our LO just don't see how many balls we're juggling and that we had a life and would like to continue to have a life...sigh:(

Just remember you can't make all people happy all the time and you can't be all things to all people!

Take care of yourself! I am sure if your not burnout, you will be!😰

Arimethea33, that an excellent list, many can relate. Had to chuckle about the cobweb looking like a hammock :) I've seen a few of those.

It's tough getting old and losing the ability to things that were second nature. And it's tough on us when our parents do get old. It's like running two households at the same time. Like how did THIS happen and why?

I have a cousin who was in his 70's and having to care for his mother's house, his mother-in-law's house, and his own house. Since neither Mom would downsize, he and his wife sold their lovely house and moved into a 55+ community, into a condo. Well, one less lawn to mow and one less house to maintain. Both Mom's were blind to the situation... [sigh]

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