Where are you with this post or current caregiving? We have had threads that kinda broached this subject, but I am cutting to the chase.

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I'm also in Canada. For a long time I resisted the idea of medically assisted dying simply because I didn't trust the government with that degree of power over life and death. I'm more or less satisfied with the current system that is in place, I'm very troubled by the push to extend the option to those who are suffering mental or physical difficulties that are not terminal. I'm also vehemently against any move toward allowing someone else to make that choice for someone who does not have the capacity to choose for themselves. I do however think that there could be some flexibility allowed in the case of those who ask for a medically assisted death but don't meet the criteria for mental competence, as long as it was clearly their own choice.

People who are terminally ill. They who choose to end their lives should be mentally competent to make their wishes known or who have made their wishes known while competent. Then they should have assistance in ending their life with dignity and in comfort.

We put down a suffering animal as it's the humane thing to do, but too many expect a suffering human being to linger till they die. There's no reason for it. None.

Thank you for having the courage to respond. A touchy issue, certainly.

I Will read the links you posted. Thank you again.

If you were in charge of this, what caveats, backstops would you adhere to? Why?

This is going to be a huge issue for those of us who are current caregivers, how would you design this.

I live in Canada where the right to Medically Assisted Death (MAD) is legal. The system is not perfect as one has to be sane at the time of death. A person cannot elect while same to die, if they get dementia.

It is challenging for people to find a doctor who is willing to do the procedure, but near me, there is a doctor who does and will travel to nearby communities. She has been interviewed on CBC Radio several times.

My step dad's ex wife opted for MAD 18 months ago, she had brittle diabetes, heart disease and other complications. My god mother is considering it. My mother would choose MAD over a long lingering death too.

When Mum had her legal documents updated a couple years ago she has MAD added to them. She was upset that at this time she cannot pre opt in for MAD if she gets dementia, but perhaps the laws will change before it becomes an issue.

Me, I believe we have the right to choice, when there is no hope of recovery, quality of life is unmanageable.

If you are a God fearing person, I firmly believe, that if there is such an entity, that entity cares SO MUCH MORE how you lived your life.

Does giving this option come with consequences and behavior of bad actors? Sure. In loads. How do you do you circumvent that? I don't know. Asking for sane dialogue here. We don't put our pets through what we ask our elders to endure. I don't say what I am because of the INCONVENIENCE of caring for an elder parent. I say it for the dignity. The humanity of it. I think it is a disgrace what we ask our parents to endure.

Do you have any ideas? Discussion open? Too touchy a subject?

Come forth.

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