This very good news for family's that have loved one's with Alzheimer's disease that have been waiting for a treatment. Please read everyone
The Alzheimer’s Association welcomes and celebrates today’s historic Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of aducanumab for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

While certainly not a cure, this is the first ever FDA-approved treatment for the underlying biology of Alzheimer’s, not just the symptoms. Slowing progression for those with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) due to Alzheimer’s disease or Alzheimer’s dementia in its earliest stage offers the potential for more precious time for diagnosed individuals and their loved ones.

This new treatment approval and sustained progress in the research field benefit from years of investment and relentless dedication to our vision of a world without Alzheimer's and all other dementia.

The advances the Alzheimer’s Association has been able to drive on behalf of our constituents, to bring us to this historic moment, are thanks to you and others who have been so supportive. I am deeply grateful to you for the role you have played to make this day possible. Thank you!

With your support, the Alzheimer’s Association has advanced research in many ways, including directly funding the tools for early detection that have facilitated development of new treatments.

Of course, as I’m sure you realize, our work is not done. The fight to end Alzheimer’s is as urgent as ever. As the leader in the quest to end Alzheimer’s and all other dementia, you can be assured that the Alzheimer’s Association will fight to ensure access to this treatment and ultimately others for all communities. We won’t stop until the day our vision becomes reality for everyone.

I look forward to sharing more with you as this treatment becomes available and others advance. I hope you can join us for a special volunteer meeting on Tuesday, June 8 at 5 p.m. CT.

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I would advise reading the front page Sunday New York Times article before celebrating. This drug will cost 10s of 1,000s for any senior taking it and is completely unproven. In fact it has failed its testing and is only getting through because of advocacy groups. Doctors will give it because they make 6% of the prescription to order it, but many doctors admit that they stopped both tests on it because it was doing nothing.
More than that, understand that it DOES cause brain swelling and could lead to hemorrhagic strokes. As one doctor said in the New York Time article, "No one wants an Alzheimer's drug more than we do, but this isn't that drug".
My advice to any and all, research the research before paying tens of thousands for this one.
The article FRONT PAGE June 6 New York Times is titled Medicine for Alzheimer's Poses a Dilemma for U.S. Regulators. The FDA has already said they never wanted to approve this completely unproven drug. The article is by Pam Belluck and Rebecca Robbins.
If you really want to spend money this way and you understand the risk of stokes, the do make your own decisions on this one. For myself the answer would be adamantly NO.

It's great that a new drug has been appvd for AD after almost 20 years. However, the drug is not without controversy. All clinical professionals are not sold on its efficacy. Some claim there is insufficient evidence of its benefits. From the FDA's website, “the data included in the applicant’s submission were highly complex and left residual uncertainties regarding clinical benefit.” 

That said, the FDA has also determined that “there is substantial evidence that Aduhelm (Aducanumab) reduces amyloid beta plaques in the brain and that the reduction in these plaques is reasonably likely to predict important benefits to patients.”

So this accelerated approval is good news. I, for one, will hold my judgment and defer my excitement until the general public sees the benefits of this drug.
This is the link to the New York Times Front page article yesterday on this drug. Do NOT think this is the cure. The FDA sure doesn't , whether they approve it or not, and it will cost you tens of thousands to risk the side effects of a swelling brain and hemorrhagic stroke.

I am in heathcare, and I have problems with this study also. I pray for the day they find some help for ALZ,, but I don;t think this is it yet

I am so glad that someone posted about this new drug. I saw it while working this morning but work was super busy so I only caught the caption. Will take a look once off this weekend.

I am sure results will be mixed. As with all other meds different for each person. There is another study at CU med school.

Costs are crazy on this drug 56k per year and thats not including infusion costs.

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