Some of you know that I have been caring for a mother with Alzheimer's for close to three years now. She is what I would term 'moderate to early advanced,' but progressively getting worse, which is what usually happens. Other than still tending to her own bathroom needs and being able to feed herself with a spoon or fork, she needs help with everything else, and her memory is totally gone.

With nothing to lose, I decided to invest $10.00 for a large jar of extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil from a local health food store, and mix it in her food twice a day. I read several stories about positive results from this oil, because of its ability to produce ketones which serves as nourishment for brain cells. Currently, only the University of South Florida is conducting a research study on this oil, but clinical results are still far off. And no other formal studies are taking place (for obvious reasons). No company is going to make money off such a cheap natural supplement.

It's now been close to two weeks since my mom's been taking coconut oil, and I, along with others who care for her, have seen a very noticeable improvement. She's much more aware of her present environment, makes lucid comments about it and now daily engages in conversations with others. Before, all she could say was a greeting and that was it. In fact, one of the people I have look after her reported in amazement that she spoke for an hour about her past job duties as a group claims supervisor for a major insurance company. Previously, she couldn't tell you what she had for breakfast an hour earlier, much less what she used to do for a living. There's still much to research about coconut oil and I certainly don't want to get anyone's hope up, including mine, but for a few bucks why not try this nutritional supplement that I, along with others, have been seeing good results from. What I'm seeing in my mom is very positive, indeed, but I will remain cautious and take it one day at a time. But this is worth the small investment.

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Yes I take this and give it to mum! anything that works for now! Also just to tell you that a new suppement ive been taking since monday and I do feel alot more alert? KRILL OIL i felt a difference almost the next day I dont know less foggy brained?
I am too giving this to mum I dont know she may seem a bit perky but her moods have calmed down now i dont know if this is a stage or the omegas may be doing some good.
Ive read that a good diet with lots of omegas and coconut oil can save us getting als or dementia also just 15mins walking a day can help too!

Wow! I have the bottle here already. I guess I'll start making him take the pills!

Fingers Crossed!

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