Every so often there are comments about posting problems for which I think there are solutions.
1) Write your comments in your word processing package. You can have the original post up in another tab, and flip between the two without risking losing what you have written. It also gives you extra time to think about changes. When you are happy with your comments, copy and paste them into the AgeingCare comments box.
2) Occasionally it seems that you just can’t get your post accepted. I think it happens when someone else has posted almost simultaneously and the site can’t deal with yours. Just wait a bit, try again and it should work.
3) Even less often, it all just seems to hang up. I’ve found that if I put a space before and after my word processing, and copy to include the spaces at the beginning and end, it will then work. I've no idea why!

Losing a long post is a real trial, so this may stop other people tearing their hair out too.

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Margaret, I wonder if some of the problems you mention relate to the operating system or browser being used? I've never experienced the issues you've mentioned even though some of my posts are lengthy. I'm on mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 in Chrome. Thanks for your thoughts on this topic!

Geaton, I too use apple products and have never had these problems either.

This has happened to me quite a few times. I've gotten into the habit of ctrl-a followed by a ctrl-c before hitting post. That way I can just paste it again if it fails. That's also why I sometimes double post. I hit post and nothing happens. I hit post again and then there's two posts.

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