Could someone make a list please.

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This is a problem on nearly any forum or discussion board that focuses on a topic that has its own jargon, or that has certain terms that get used over and over.

I wish this site had a FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) that would list the most commonly used word shortcuts.

Here is a thread that you might find helpful and entertaining:

What I do when I run across an abbreviation or acronym that I don't understand is open another window and do a search for it. It is surprising how many of them can be found that way. If someone posts that "My mother has XYZ" I will look XYZ up on the internet and quickly learn what kind of disease that is.

Making a list of acronyms would be quite time consuming and might or might not address the ones you find puzzling. Perhaps you could list the ones you don't understand and others could explain them. You're more likely to get targeted explanations that way.

Bunnyo, I know what you mean. I thought at first there a lot of people writing here were moving their loved ones to Arizona [AZ], Alabama [AL] and New Hampshire [NH].... really, I did.

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