Mom had a stroke which left her left side paralyzed she lived with us for two years prior she is now in a care home which takes great care of her she complains about everything and wants to come home we cannot take care of her due to our own health problems hiring a caregiver is over seven thousand a month which we can't afford it's getting to. The point I don't what to visit I always leave feeling quilty and sad about the situation it's just impossible for us to bring her home in her condition but she's very insistent even though its impossible due to the fact she can't walk on her own and with my husbands disability and mine we can't do it so what should I do?

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Sounds to me like you are doing the very best you can. Your Mother is in a good place and being well cared for. There just comes a time when you cannot do it all! You have nothing to feel guilty about. You have to take care of yourself and your husband first.

Is there another family member, friend, minister, social worker that could talk to her and help her understand she is where she needs to be at this point? Is she able to understand your health issues?

Best wishes!

She won't listen to them I am an only child and expected to take care of her ite very frustrating to vist her everyday and hear the same thing over and over again if she could come home she would she needs help with doing everything she can't walk without. Someone holding her and she's very whobblie if she could be home we wouldn't be paying people to take care of her even if she did come home she never happy with any caregivers she's had and always complained about everything I wanted to bring her home for dinner on the holidays but feel that would be the worst thing I could do I'm just very frustrated with the whole thing she doesn't care about the impact it has on us thanks for listening

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