Mother sells her home and moves in with daughter and the money that she received from the sale is in a CD in her name as well as two other family members. Question is ......mother has been living with daughter for 6 years and daughter is primary caregiver, 24/7. Could daughter be given a check for the care of the mother for the last 6 years. Up to this point the daughter has only used mother's medicare check to help take care of her and not accepted any additional money to assist in caring for her. She is now going to need to move in order to acquire a home for mother and daughter that is easier to take care of as well as more handicap accessible to help aid in the care of her mother. Mostly concerned with how Medicaid would view this in the event mother has to go to a NH. She would still have some money left after paying the daughter for her care, however, it would probably run out rather quickly since most NH's charge 5000 to 6000 per month.

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IMO, I do not think that these funds would be subject to "look back" because they are past the 5 year period.
However, if there are other names on the CD all of you are equal owners. Are the others in agreement that you should receive the funds for your Mom's care?
If your Mom should need a nursing home in the future are you prepared to take her to those that accept Medicaid? Many do not. Would it be best to keep investing her funds so that she has a choice of NHs?
There are also tax implications if you retain the funds as "income." In essence you are the employee, your mother the employer.
good luck

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