Your website promised a way to look up and compare prices of different groups offering in home care. Never found it. Stuck in a loop that says Find Care, gives me broad generalizations but no solid information. Asks me to fill out another form.

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I think that you are getting caught up in the advertiser's loops. I cannot imagine what that even means. There may be an advertiser here who will compare costs of facilities in your town, but you will end up, yes, filling out forms and telling them who you want care for, how much money you have, and there will be a demand you send your firstborn as well.
Just kidding, but the forum here is just us. Folks involved in caregiving in some way answering and asking questions to the best of our ability. In my case sometimes to the worst.
I would call caregivers in your own area. Know going in that you should ask questions about bonding, and how they are vetting caregivers. Understand that when you go through agencies you are paying both the caregivers and the agencies.
If you go word of mouth, or hiring on your own, be sure to get references, knowing safety is the prime thing.
Much will depend on what you need. You likely do not need skilled nursing unless you are dealing with specialized testing, feeding, wound care.
The advertisers are all pretty much lined up on your right of the feed. Press on them at your own risk (kidding, because there are honestly good services out there).
If you have questions about your own area you might ask the Forum as a question. For instance "I live in Tallahassee. Looking for a reputable sitter. Anyone have experience of what I can expect in terms of costs".
Good luck.

Alva: Thank-you for your helpful, thoughtful comments. I had found 5 - 6 possible places to send someone to her home 4 hrs/day for a limited time while I was on vacation. I wanted to compare prices (a well hidden secret in the advertising) and qualifications of the different companies.
It sounds like I'm going to have to look up each one on the internet, get phone numbers, and phone. Much more time consuming. Aarg!!

It is generally between $20 and $30 an hour for an agency home health aide. Benefit of an agency HHA is that they can replace the aide during vacations, sick days, and they are usually screened, bonded, and insured. The downside is that they have guidelines that they must stick to. For instance, they can remind about meds and bring them the containers but cannot pick them out of the container and hand to the patient. Non-agency HHAs aren't restricted by state guidelines but one has to screen carefully. Overall, agency or not, it can take a few aides before one finds the right fit.

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