The house is one up but me...ahh peace!

Love my parents and having them here in our home has eased a lot of worry and stress for me and I do enjoy mornings like this when I am alone with my coffee and can practice being happy!

Smile, laugh and love - everything will be okay!

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OMG! You got that right! I love peace and quiet at least for part of my week. It seems that wherever I go, there is noise. People talking, house construction, road construction dogs barking, roosters crowing! I'm serious. The neighbors have free roaming chickens and rooster and the rooster gets loud right outside my window! lol When I'm on the phone, people think I'm touring a petting zoo! lol
I've been planning a get-a-way to a posh hotel with a spa sometime soon. I sure hope it's sound proof!

So glad you're happy with your parents in your home Gemfrire. Mine are great too. We have to enjoy every minute of our time on this earth. I've done some thinking about that this week. I've been too busy making plans to be happy, INSTEAD of just doing it!

Enjoy that coffee! Lol. And every moment of peace you get! Sometimes we have to just be happy and have peace of mind, instead of waiting until we do. Just do it.

Yes, and wine . Lol Do things that make you happy, even if it's something small.

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