I'd posted on here a while ago about concerns I had with my dad who really needed care but thought he was fine and didn't want to move.

I sort of tricked him by having him come to my place on a "vacation" and from there he just never was going home. Unknown to him, behind the scenes I had his dog shipped to my place (I'm about 1,000 miles from his house) and my siblings and wife flew up to his place and sent down anything of value (mostly sentimental) .

He occasionally figures it out but is really just more bummed about not being able to drive anymore. With his condition, if you don't talk too much about it, he forgets in 10 minutes and we just act like he's still on vacation. One month in and it is working like a charm.

My friend had a similar issue with his dad and when it came time for 24/7 care he took his dad out for the afternoon while his wife and friends moved his dad's stuff to the nursing home. Then at the end of the day, instead of my friend taking him to his house, he took him to the nursing home. His dad saw all of his stuff and said "Do I live here now" and my friend said "yes" then stayed a few minutes before heading out to insure his dad settled in.

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Beautifully done. You did not engage in debate, you just got the move DONE! Nice vacation!! Good team effort!

Great story. I'm just waiting for my Dad to get to the point where I can "Trick" him a little into assited living.

Yes! I have filed this away until the time that I will be needing it! Great job!

I am at the point where I will do everything I can to place them,
probably after the next hospitalization.

Just an update. My dad lives in kind of a haze now as to his true "home". He seems to believe that at some vague time in the future he'll be heading back and that keeps him evened out.

When he sometimes realizes he's staying for good he get's a little uptight and angry. Luckily it only takes 5 minutes before he forgets that idea and moves on under the notion he's going home some day.

So far it's going smoothly (fingers crossed).

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