My husband has metastatic squamous cell cancer. Today he went in for a feeding tube placement, due to his poor eating and weight loss.

We found out he has another tumor. Biopsy is tomorrow. It is in the left flank, inside the peritoneum. Hopefully it is benign, but I expect bad news. I have been looking for a support group for a long time. I'm tired, worried and just feel beat up.

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(((((hugs)))). I can't relate to your particular situation, but certainly can to being tired, worried and feeling beat up. I hope you are taking some time to build yourself up. It is necessary, though can be hard to do. I am sure there are others here who can identify more with your situation. A girlfriend of mine who went through something similar to you took mornings for herself when her husband was in hospital, and met with a group of friends for coffee. Not everyone has a group who will commit to that kind of support, but cyber support works pretty well too. My theme song is "look after you".

Thank-you emjo23 for your kind and encouraging words. I'm sure everyone on this site has their own cross to bear, so to speak. I have been very strong through all of this, but lately find myself unsettled and rattled. I am not taking good care of myself, but need to, as we all do. Just connecting with others helps, so thank-you.

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