I lost my Mom October 2012. I moved her and Daddy in with my husband and I. I was the primary care taker. I couldn't grieve long had take care of Daddy. He's also under hospice at my house. I'm in my 55 the baby of the family. I still worked till mom got sick I took a year leave. My sister and 2 brothers are all retired and well off. I need to work but no one will take care of Daddy. My sister lives 3 miles from me but never comes by. And if she stops by she stays 1hr and leaves. I see my brothers ever so often. They dont understand what its like and dont care. I dont like begging people so I just do everything myself. I find myself just crying after Dads gone to bed . I promised mom I would take care of daddy. He's gone down so much. He's near 90 years old. I pray that God takes him in his sleep because it hurts to see him not be able to do nothing but feed his self. I have always been the one that would take off work to take Mom or Dad to Dr. I read my Bible and I know I shouldnt be holding grudges but I'm not the only child its hard not to......

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Personally I feel for you, your siblings are there near by and not helping; that's just wrong, and selfish on their part. They should at least agree to attend fam meeting to discuss your dad and you'll situation, "THAT YOU NEED HELP". It's ok to tell them you need help, and I know you do. Take turns/schedule times or dates that they take him or help you hire somebody or something. You need a break now/then.

My mom 86yrs old, and still mobile to dress herself, etc...;but has dementia bro and I can't handle the things she do anymore, so we will be looking into AL for my mom. I hope you get with your siblings and ask for help, it won't make you weak or anything like that but it might help you from becoming sick etc...due to overwhelming stress, neglecting yourself/fam. I use to be so bad, that I'd get some sort of psychological migraine when I got on my mom's street w/all that I was going through with her. I use to do the crying as you do, trying to cope with work, my fam, and my mother... I was so glad when my bro moved in w/my mom but she's gotten worse within the yrs, that we've been caring for her...that we just can't handle it anymore.

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