My Dad has been in long term NH for 3 months now due to a fall from his weakness of a UTI, and fractured his pelvic. He has been in and out of the hospital/rehab since Feb. And when meeting with soc worker and staff it was their recommendation he need long term care due to his level of care. He had fracture pelvic, with zero mobility in his legs (he cannot transfer at all, it takes 2 to transfer due to dead weight, uti, which has finally under control for now, but seems he can get rid of aspiration pneumonia. He is 100% incompetence. He does not use the toilet at all, never. He is on puree diet due to chocking /strangling. He has good days, bad days. The last couple days have been and he thinks he is going home to his house and is thrilled and cant wait to be in his own house, eat what he wants, and go places like he wants. I have a hard time dealing with this. Should I agree with him, or tell him due to his injuries and pneumonia he is where they can take care of him. I struggle with conversation with when all he wants to talk about is how he is going home in a couple days, going grocery shopping, over and over. I don't want him to be sad, but how do I let him know the truth is this I where he needs to be . I have already broken his heart by placing him the NH.....and don't want keep breaking it over and over by saying Dad , you are not going home, you are home! Please

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