Mum was misdiagnosed with Parkinsons desease 25yrs ago , shes 78 yrs old, dad passed 6 yrs ago, mum now has parkinsonion symptoms caused by the parkinsons meds of 25 yrs.
There are serious side effects! I changed her doctors of 20 yrs but its too late now cause meds do not work ,shes too stiff, her motor skills bad, she has chronic pain from parkinsons stiffness, no more dopamine produced in her head , no enzymes produced ! She has chronic pain, she has bulging discs, she feels pins & needles throughout her body, she never sleeps, her body she claims feels heavy like mountains, she cannot walk 95% , she has depression , she cries 24/7, i recenty did drug rehab for her at home to help stop her self medication! For 2 months, the hospital did the same for an additional month recently! I stopped wirk 9 mnths ago to her her cause she never would have managed in a psych Ward cause shes too old & she would have died in an old peoples home which she hates! My 3 syblings since her medical degeneration ! Doctors , old doctors did not help her cause its easier to sterio type her cause of their misdiagnosis!
New doctors , 2-3 of each recommended she stop parkinsons drugs but its too late now cause the parkinsons symptoms are bad! She has lazy leg syndrome! Her screaming has ensured everyones abandonment cause she has serious behavioural problems!
I am exhausted cause the ladt 6 yrs i have worked & liojed after all hervmefical needs 24/7! I have had zero sleep for 6 yrs but can no longer cope! Her situation ! Especially her screaming of pain and self pity is horrible as her screams paralyses me literally!
She also hyperactive and demands attention 24/7 or else she does her worst!!! We argue cause she provokes me 24/7 & never stops screaming!!
Its been 6 yrs of a nite mare & i have nothing to hive her anymore
She always talks about her pain& sympyoms 24/7 . She refuses yo be kind yo me!
Her bad stories are pathetic
She lives with me! Shes negative 24/7 & refuses to stop!
I tell her 2 tell her doctors!not me
Her attention seeking is out of control!!!
Shes unbearable and never listens!
Shes incontinent and drinks water 24/7 cause of the parkinsons& dry mouth!
She refuses to ho into respite! Shes high care but recently i managed yo get hime respite 1.5 hrs daily but cause ofvdimentia shes entitled to get 15 wkly but its the impossible task eith the human services! DSS!!
No one person wants mum csuse dhe has parkinsons & behavioursl issues!!
I am estranged from my siblings cause of mum!!
My syblings tefuse to take mum or visit her!'
Mum thinks its all my fault!!
Mum always distracted and cannot stop talking 24/7
New docs take tgeir time for 3-5 yrs and matter is out of control!
Mum has said to her sister ' my sister bad things about me sk ggrn they became abusive twards me physically & verbally , thats my ither sister & mums sister but they refuse to help mum & use me as a scape goat & blame me for everything which is mental!
My sister & mums sister have depression & have hit me thinking there was a conspiracy with me & the hospitals & doctors i was taking mum & they kept on taking mum out of hospital & dumping her here ! Now that my sister took mums money , what was left of it , she now after 5 years years abandons mum altogether , not she ever helped but now that she took mums last dollar & they , mums sister & my sister have bashed me and spat at me & verbally abused me they do not even talk to mum on the phone!
Mums depression 24/7 & her crying is out of control but doctors refuse to do anything about it!
Mum is difficult & does what she wants 24/7. Now & in the last 6 months since mums rehab she csn piss & shit where she likes & denies it & ? Not sure whats happening but i can tell you cause of mums complex medical hisyory no one wants her! And frankly sometimes its understandable cause of her stubborn ways!
I have told everyone everything regarding my hime situation & nothing!!!!!
Mum also has sever Alzeimes dementia patkindons!!! Arthritis rhuematism !! But the worst is her non stop crying screaming , her needy ways are suffocating

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Yes its my house
And so true shes ruined me
Today she played dead but was acting up! When i left the room i heard noises i checked on her,i caught her eyes now open, i confronted her, she started talking crazy.
(Thanks heaps)
I told her , like i usually tell her
Thats it , shes going to hospital on her own cause shes always screaming ! And playing dead was her old pass time to get attention & to get my brother over. My brother is onto her & his over it , its too much and shes drained me with her non stop screaming , demands, doctors , hospitals of 6 years.
I have lost almost everything
Helping mum was ok
But the abuse she gives me is not on
Its mental
I told her today i will do exactly that let ambulance take her & no one will be with her cause its enough 24/7 dramas!!
Its a miracle shes acting normal 3 hours later!
I am so sad that she can do these horrible things
I think these older people have medical stuff but act out as well
So sad that she is ok in ruining me & making me sad & making me cry
I will ring ambulance next time which probably be today cause she lies!!
she always screams or play dead and the hospital who all know her medical history can do what needs to be done
Im exhausted & sad shes ruined me

Next time mum is screaming, call the paramedics, they can take her to the hospital and you can wash your hands of the entire affair. Do not pick her up and do not let her back in your house. It is YOUR house, correct? You have to save your own life!

Im in sydney australia, 15 hrs is the new government allowance for dementia , high care but its been challenging to get 1.5 hrs recently daily . Our system here is messed up! I have the help cause when i was working recently i had 1 hr a day low care monday to friday & kept the service & begged for extra help. Here you get high care when some one passes. And even though i stopped working recently , i supported mum for 6 years with my full time work & heaps of unpaid leave which has exhausted me financially , i paid for all mums expenses but unless you are out on the street government does not help!
I want to go back to work & get fulltime dsy carer but nitetime will be a nitemare like before cause mum never sleeps, shes needy everysecond ! Talks about dying ! And cries 24/7 cause of self loathing cause of her condition!
Unless she looses her mind comlletely its hard to put her in a nursing home cause she puts up a real fight & i cannot force her! Plus cause of her behaviour they will sedate her and she will probably pass! Cause thats what happened in hospital! I cannot cope with her screaming cause shes in pain or whatever!? & i need to sleep! Its just so much work .., shes incontinent and demands help 24/7
Shes too needy and thinks if shes left alone she will die!
I wish i was free from this cause cause after 6 yrs its too much ! I wish she was healed or chilled or was cool or doctors fixed her & i have tried everything including healing ... If she stopped screaming it would be ok but she never stops?!
Thanks for meds info i will check it out later
This is a nite mare , currently i am trying to get extra home care hours but still no help!?

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