Over Year ago went in to have Cataract removed. Found macular Degeneration both eyes. THEN same day. Dr says. We can't do it. You need Emergency Surgery. You have A blood clot behind 1 eye. Omg Scaired my Mother so Bad she Had surgery. Thought went well NOT. She Dident. Take his. Instructional info. Very well. He told her their was 50/50 chance of Some. Blindness. Well for 4 weeks she was. Almost half. Blind in thst eye An had to. Keep her Meds in it an hold her Head downaward most of Every Day 45 min at a time 20 min. Up to Get The Eye to Drain Blood out through a Air Bubble they placed in the Back of eye
Well that ledger in to Hysteria an Panic Attacks. To paranoia of not seeing like She Thought she would be able to.
Sence then. More Shots an more Shots. Now in the Past few. Months her Eyes Have Becomed inflamed Red. Like Bags Under an over eye. An Says Burns an Hurst. Thought she might have got something in eyes. Dr Just keeps Doubg shots An Gives. Meds for her Eyes. Pluss all her Other 100 otger. Aches an pains. An Howell Sickness. On going Every Day an loneliness an dispersion Anxianty. She is 80. Very Voicetress about She knows it All an I don't know Crap. Oh but my Sister who is 10 yr younger. Knows Everything an. Iam Just. Tired of. Everything. All this Drama Has Almost Separated Me An my Husband. An some one Constantly Every Night. Must Stay with Her at NIGHT TILL MORNING. Cause she said she gets scared. When you. Go through Every Family Member. You. Have to get Help with Staying an. Every one Says. Get me Out of here. Mom refuses to. Understand the Facts. No one can live with you or Try to stay with her cause. We are Not. Professional's to know How to Deal with her. Out burst an Constants Crying Whining Complaining. Always. Something Wrong every day every hour. Says even when sleeps she Hurting. How can tgat be Your Body is Sleep. HELP. Neither of myself or my Sister have Control. Iam Tired of. All this Drama. I got so Depressed My Self I lost my Job. Then now Still she Luke Has No Rememberance that its Putting a Burden on All of Us. Cause She Refeses to Spend the Money To Go where. She will Feel Safer an have A Real Life with others her Own Age. Rather than staying. I. Her Home By her Self Every Day Alone till. One of. Us Decides. Who Cimming Tonight. Me or My Sister or My Husband or My Little Cousin. She. Won't Give in An just let Us Help her Move to. Better. Place with. People. Its Always Something she Comes up with. Thought. About A POA. But. I think she Has to Agree An that's Not Going to Happen. I have even Ask her About. Her. Doing a Living Will. Or In Case something Happens Again lije Her Heart Attack. We. Dobt even know what she Wants. Well. Maybe My Sister. May know Nut Won't tell me. How can I get. That info. So ill know. Iam the Oldest Child.

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I'm not sure if you want advice or are just coming here to rant, but I'll chip in and you can take what you want and leave the rest.

What she wants is to have her life the way it was back before her health declined, but we both know there isn't any cure for old age.I'm not clear on whether or not you are taking turns staying with her or that is just her desire, if you are then you are the ones enabling her. Why should she make changes when she can get you all to dance to her tune?

As for her eyes, I assume you are talking about injections to treat her AMD? Sometimes you just have to live with the side effects of treatment because the only other option would be to not treat at all. I know that my sister's eye drops for another condition leave her looking like n addict, but it's better that going blind.

Is she getting any treatment for her aches and pains? It is certainly possible to be in pain while you sleep, as a result your sleep is disrupted and you wake up feeling like c**p. If she isn't getting any relief from over the counter pain meds like ibuprofen or tylenol then she may need something stronger, or she may benefit from analgesic creams or from alternative therapies like chiropractic or acupuncture.

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