My sister and I took her to doctor on Wednesday because of her confusion that began on Friday. I assumed she had a UTI and she had a minor one, not enough to cause the confusion. Her doctor did some blood work and it came back that she was severely anemic (5.9) and so we put her in the hospital. She had 2 units of blood and it went up to 7.9 and after a third unit it climbed to 9.6 and has been holding steady. Surgeon at hospital said she needs an endoscopy and colonoscopy but she isn't medically ready for that. Hospitalist that was there this weekend is her old internist (who we love) and she said Mom doesn't need the tests because there is no evidence of an active bleed and if we found something (colon cancer, etc) she wouldn't survive the surgery nor any treatment afterwards. Mom has been very weak and cannot feed herself. She had IV fluids, and along with the blood they gave her, she was swollen and had some edema on the chest x-ray. Dr. D gave her Lasix and that helped with her breathing. I have spent all but one night over there with her and am at work today and my sister is there.

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If it was my mom I would be asking about Hospice. You see that she is not making red blood cells and she is not eating. The system is shutting down. Please do not force her to eat, it will come back up at you. It seems like fluids are just filling the legs and lungs; these are end signs. I am so sorry. Just make her comfortable. NO endoscopy or colonoscopy, that would be high risk and won't buy any time. Comfort. Please.

Thanks. Home Health will be coming out and we are getting a Hoyer lift to help with the transferring from bed to chair, etc. We may not need it, but it will be nice to have! I agree that this looks like end times and I am all for making her comfortable. Daddy will be gone 6 months soon and I think she is ready to join him. While I will miss her terribly, this is no way to live.

So glad you are looking at this realistically. Please consider calling in hospice, as our experience has been wonderful. They will know how/when to give her comfort measures like Lasix for the edema and fluid in her lungs. (((Hugs)))

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