Mom was fine. Now she thinks I'm not her daughter. Never happened
Before Terrifying me. Maybe a UTI? She asked the dog to verify who I was....she knew the dog!! She won't eat anything I fix, doesnt want me anywhere near her. She keeps quizzing me and I know the answers, like who she cheerleader with her. I new the name. But she is calling me a liar and telling me to shut up! We gave always been joined at the hips I ordered antibiotic but doubt she will take from me. hope she knows my husband. If she doesn't come around should I take to emergency? I'm fresking out. Emergency won't admit her. They say she is old....yada yada.

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Since this is so sudden, you may have to take her to the ER. It sounds like it could be a UTI, but if she won't take the meds from you, they may need to hospitalize her. It's also possible she had a stroke or some other "brain event", so medical attention sounds like a good idea. Good luck,

She acted like she was taking meds but put them in her shoe!!then she told on herself. I think she finally took them ??
Also she will only drink OJ. No water and she has bee. Dry in dePends, but has been getting up and going to bathroom. She went to bed still thinking I was an imposture. It's killing me. Hurts so bad I will do ER if she is still like that, if I can get her in car.

I'm happy to report that the antibiotics have her back to normal! People don't understand what UTI's. Can do to the
elderly brain unless they live it. Although she went from a big appetite to hardly eating anything.

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