A few questions on Medicaid


Hey everyone. Ok a little backdrop. I am 56 yrs old, w/prostate cancer, thus me receiving LTD. As LTD doesn't count as income and I have two younger children, wife doesn't work, I qualified for Medicaid. So we've been using it for about 8 months now, no problems. However LTD requires you to apply for SSDI, which I have and I've been receiving it since June. So my LTD was cut in half of course and now receive approx 50/50 between LTD and SSDI.

I have not contacted Medicaid yet, but I will in the next few days. Thought maybe I'd throw a few questions to you guys. LTD wasn't considered income and with the kids and wife not working, we were on Medicaid, does anyone know if now with me receiving approx half my income as SSDI, about 2400 month, will that change whatever formula they use for this need based program?

Also, we were thinking of moving from the Great state of Maryland to Florida, does anyone have experience or knowledge of how complicated it is to reapply or transfer Medicaid or even Medicare (if I have to go on that)?

Thanks in advance.

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I have not houseplant, but I will....Pam, the children will be getting it soon, my wife I don't think she will, she never worked. And I think Medicaid is much better of a program than Medicare, from what I've seen. Are you speaking about the type of coverage or having to pay for services? Under LTD is not considered income, you're saying SSDI is and will change my coverage?

Your wife and children should also be receiving support payments through SSDI. With all four collecting and covered by Medicare, you should not need Medicaid.

Have you checked into a Qualified Income Trust to see if it's approperiate for your situation? Spousal and child support needs also figures into how your monies are treated by Medicaid.