My uncle died Aug. 1 and I'm dealing with his probate and funeral and trying to take care of my mother who as dementia and I told her of her brothers death, I guess she is understanding until she said that night that he was coming up with a truck to move us. I realized that she has times where she remembers things and then she doesn't, but I'm finding out things she did, like she and her girlfriend borrowed a fire truck and drove it into a field and got it stuck in mud and couldn't drive it back, which this happened way back in the 1930s or 1940s. Sometimes the stories she tells are funny, some are not. But that's whats happening, But everyone has put everything on me to work out funerals, probate, schedules,cleaning the house..My sister helps a lot but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one doing anything. I do have people helping me like a care manager and people coming in to sit with her , so my and my sister can get out of the house and get things done. Sometimes I just feel like running away from home. Thanks for letting me vent, it's hard for caretakers to have a life of their own. But she is my mother, and she took care of me when I needed her.

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Thanks JeanneGibbs for the support. I'll need to vent once in awhile or I'll go crazy, as for dealing with my uncles death, my brother doesn't want to do it and my sister wouldn't know how to do it. So I'm the only one stepping up to the plate but someone has to do it.

You just go ahead and vent. It is a very tough job you have! I don't know how you get to be the one dealing with your uncles death, but at least that has an end to it.

As for Mom's stories of the old days, some may be a pretty accurate reflection of what happened, and others may not be. Memories have a way of transforming over time. Myth and reality don't always stay cleanly separated. She is definitely not lying to you -- she is telling a story as she remembers it, which may or may not be true to the actual facts.

Please continue to vent here. Whatever you do, don't vent at your sister. Let her know how very glad you are to have someone to share the load.

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