On this Memorial Day, AgingCare would like to share a quote that applies to both honored veterans and their caregivers:

“Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared to death.”

—Gen. Omar Bradley

Celebrate veterans and those who care for them this Memorial Day weekend. Honor veterans as heroes for the sacrifices they have made for our country, often in the face of fear, uncertainty and overwhelming personal trials. We at AgingCare also honor family caregivers for providing continued care to the best of their ability.

Together, we thank both veterans and caregivers for the valuable service they have provided and continue to provide. We are grateful to all of you.

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My dad was a U.S. Navy vet. Did not die in action, but at age 50 of cardiac arrest. Way too young!

It warms my heart these past few years as there has been more focus on the importance of the role of women and military spouses during WW2.

Without them, our war effort would not have run so efficiently. Women made the bullets and in some cases, bombs. Women nurses those solders back from their injuries. Women made sacrifices every day to support those men whose job placed our men in a position to have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

So yes here’s to the spouses of our veterans!

God Bless our Vets!

As a veteran, I would like to say thank you to all of the spouses of the veterans
for taking care of things at home while we were away. Not many realize the burden that is put on them.
I guess with the electronics of today it is easier to send or chat with Mom or Dad
Than to find time to write a letter. And that is good.
It is more than keeping the home fires burning but being able to put out the small fires while still keeping the flame in the heart.

A story of one of my experiences of returning from the Med.
We were allowed to make a ship to shore phone call thru the marine operator.
I tried twice and got busy signals each time. On the third try the operator cut into the line and said "Excuse me Ladies but one of you is receiveing a call from the USS R.E. Byrd" and all the guys waiting for their turn heard her response because the calls had to be open monitored over a speaker.
I don't remember exact response but it was a happy one and got a good laugh from the shipmates.
Yes I got to tell her I would be home tomorrow and she was thrilled.

My Dad was a Army Veteran and was very active in the American Legion.  He was the Chaplain and Adjunct for his AL Post and held offices at the District level also.  As a member of the firing squad at military funerals, Dad made pouches for the brass castings from the rifles and gave the pouch to the family as a remembrance of their veteran.

For years he and my Mom put up the flags at the local cemetery on Memorial weekend and participated in the AL's Memorial Day Service at the cemetery.  I find it quite appropriate that there is a flag placed next to his gravestone at the cemetery on Memorial weekend.  It remembers me of all that he did for the American Legion.

We should always remember what the veterans gave to protect our countries--USA, Britain, France, and elsewhere.

Thinking about all of those other caregivers that are helping many too young. These veterans provided service to our country and will never be the same person they were before a war.

Thanks to vets and their caregivers that provide a great service that is so different than what the large majority of us here do.

I agree!  My dad is deceased as well as most all of the other veterans in my family who served in the war theater, but they still deserve remembrance!  We wouldn't be here without them and enjoying what we have today!  At least give them a thought if you can't get out to place flowers on their headstone!

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