In the last few months my mom has developed urinary incontinence. Everyone I spoke with about it (friends, family even a nurse I know) all said "well its part of the deal." Even the urologist did nothing. Hmmm really? Yes, I know in the later stages it says it is part of the deal but what about early and/or middle stages? So I decided to take my mother to another urologist. He said lets try medication and see if that works.

Guess what. It worked like a champ! No more accidents! Her self-esteem has risen, no more embarrassing moments with soaked pants. I'm so happy I decided to see if there was something that could be done instead of passively accepting it. Sure, this may not last forever but right now it is working and thats what counts--for her and all of us.

My message is please don't just passively accept everything to "its Alzheimer's." It took me 3 months to realize that I should be more assertive about it, even if it meant going over my dad's head and making the appointment myself (which I did) and taking off early from work to bring her myself (which I did).

Hope this helps others.

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