In memory of... There have been so many deaths among this community this year.

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It would be wonderful if we could all post memories of those we lost in one location, to honor our parents and to know there are so many of us. Thinking of all of you.


I lost my stepdad on October 26, 2016. What a wonderful man and caregiver to my mom, on his own, never a complaint, until he needed care as well. A very loving and caring man and loved my mom with all his heart.

I lost my mom on June 1, 2017. A very successful woman in her own right. A loving mother, at least much of the time, though I did not appreciate it at the time. Thinking and loving you mom.
12/15/2015 my Mom passed at 98 from advanced dementia which was caused by a very serious fall, she was still living at home with my Dad. She was in denial of her age, thus became very stubborn, extremely strong willed, no caregivers, wasn't moving, etc. That was a challenge.

09/19/2016 my Dad passed at 95 from aspiration pneumonia. A very bright man, inventor, very gentle soul, great sense of humor. All his caregivers loved him :) Dad had missed my Mom terribly after 70+ years of marriage.

I do miss them both.
FF, so often, they pass so close together. Hard on us, but at the same time comforting that they are once more together.
My mom passed away yesterday, August 25, 2017. Although this was a long goodbye with dementia and CHF, I'm still somewhat shocked that she's gone. I think we need a "post caregiving" thread. What comes next? I just amazed by the fact that I don't actually need to sleep with my phone any longer.
Barb, after my caregiving ended I think I was just plain numb for seven months until my life started to fall back into place. Then the past two years have mostly about me getting back to my career just figuring out who I am again. I have found I have a much thicker skin. So much sadness for four years caring for mom.

Thinking of you and such a fresh loss.
Dear gladimhere,

Thank you for starting this thread. I also lost my dad in October 2016. It has been a painful year. And today I am particularly teary thinking back about what I could have still done to save him. He relied so much on me and my judgement, that I gave myself zero room for error. I was lucky to have a good father. He was present and he tried his best for his children.

Thinking of you all. Sending love and hugs to everyone.
Ahh, CDN, you did all you could have done. And dad knows that there was no more you could have done. He knows how helpful and caring you were while patiently doing everything you could possibly do.
My stepsister passed away on late Aug 25. It was surreal because she has been on hospice for months, and her colon cancer had returned and metastasized all over. My father passed away on Aug 24 12 years ago, and I remember speaking to her at the funeral and M said she hoped she went fast like my dad, and didn't linger in pain. She didn't get what she asked for, and my stepmother was her primary caregiver in her late 80's. I've seen multiple post-caregiver threads here - and many of us who come back when the next wave hits (was here 6 years ago with my mom, then came back when the in-laws moved 50 miles away with major health issues and denial of same). I miss my dad and mom, and now M, but I don't miss the hospitals and pain. Not one bit.
Thank you for the kinds words gladimhere. Struggled a bit this weekend and even today with the tears. Trying hard to remember the good memories, but they still seem so far away.

I lost my oldest sister on June 30, 2016, from organ failure attributable to the long-deferred consequences of some extremely toxic treatment she had for a childhood cancer. Although we quarreled bitterly over the last few years of her life, mainly over issues relating to my mother's care, I still miss her very much and am so pained that we ran out of time to resolve our issues and return to the closeness we shared as children and younger adults. I tried to stay with her and take care of her when she was sick but she really didn't want me around. It's left a big hole in my life, not to have her anywhere in it.

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