Does anyone wish like me that Medicare reform and medical regulations could be changed to permit primary care nurse practitioners to do in home visits and write prescriptions. It is so hard getting my wheelchair bound mother to her primary every three months, cardiologist every three months and other misc specialist appointments. When she is not feeling well, I wish a nurse practitioner could come to her home. Is any assoication advocating for this? Also, same goes for dental cleanings they want her in every 3 months. Wouldn't mobile dental hygenists be wonderful?

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Wow, you are so right....Nurse practioners would be wonderful ...why isn't our government thinking about the rapid rise in homebound elderly??? and the caregivers trying to move them about??? then when you get them to the appointment, it's never on time...stress, stress stress....You have a marvelous idea maybe someone on here can provide added help!

This has been my #1 complaint about doctor's offices...they keep saying "bring her in" for minor ailments...when just writing a Rx would suffice. When I point out her mobility issues, the last snarking front desk twerp carped, "well then, call an ambulance and take her to the ER." Needless to say, we do are not giving that doc. any more of our business. Doctors need to sit in a wheelchair for just one day, or be a caregiver to a wheelchair bound patient, so they can get the big picture.
It is bad enough that the gov. "allows" families to care for their elderly without any compensation, then they make it as difficult as possible to get them to the medical care they need.
Just recently I discovered that there are a few visiting doctors in our area. I haven't had time to find out much more. (btw, the traditional medical community is so hostile to anyone who "thinks outside the box." I hope more doctors and NPs find this a wonderful way to practice medicine.) My Mom does have a podiatrist who comes to her home.
It would take so much stress off caregivers and the Medicare system itself (do they realize the outrageous cost of ambulance transport to an ER???)
I have also limited my Mom's visits to the docs, if she if feeling okay. Her GP wanted her to come in every three months and so did her cardiologist....they just poke around, ask how she is doing, and send her home. However, if we don't go in, the hold her prescription renewals "hostage." Then add to that all the dental work she has had lately and I am now a cab service. It is stressful to get them ready to go, get them in and out of the car, and then have to navigate whatever steps, stairs, elevators, etc. at the docs. offices.
I, too, am tired. I hope change comes soon, or someone will be wheeling me around.

Thanks for your responses. There is a movement to give nurse practitioners more authority. See this site

I also have a podiatrist and even a practitioner dermatologist who comes to check my mother. Having them is such a relief. There was one home visit doctor in my area but his methods had me concerned. There has to be more choice and I believe a good nurse practitioner can provide needed services in home. You can't even get a primary doctor to clean out wax from ears. You have to go to a ENT DR, another appointment. Nurse practitioners will help keep elderly in their homes longer, more safely and healthy.

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