my mom is 82 with alzheimers. she was just told she has type 2 diabetes. she wont eat, doesn't want to walk, all she will do is sleep.  shes given up how do I help her fight and get her to do what is best for her

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I think it's going to be very difficult to accept that she's no longer interested in living, but it is her choice. If she won't or can't participate in her own care, the type 2 diabetes will cause multiple medical issues, and that would accelerate her death.

What you can do is try to talk it over with her, not in a sense of encouraging her to accept food, meds, etc., but just to find out what her thoughts are. If she really doesn't want to try to live, accept it and as Windy suggests, consider hospice.

Then spend the time that you have enjoying her company and saying your goodbyes.

I don't mean to seem callous, but if she won't eat or walk, the lack of nutrition (and perhaps fluids) will quickly cause her to deteriorate. Lack of fluids will cause electrolyte imbalances, and things could progress quickly after that.

I wish you calm and peace in your heart as you walk this journey with your mother.

Your profile, which I should have looked at earlier, says, living at home. This would seem almost impossible with alz and type 2 without lots of in home help. Mom may have decided that it's her time. You may want to consider hospice if she remains in this state of mind.

This sounds tough. What is your situation? Mom in a care facility?

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