My mom was cleared by both her GI doctor (today) and her thrombosis doctor to have surgery and/or radiation therapy for her cancer. I realized the best way to deal with my older sister and my other sisters in dealing with the communication issues was cc'ing all in e-mails about what was said by the different doctors and asking that they reply all if another sister (mostly my older sister) took her to one of her doctor's appointments. Although my sister was yelling at me saying I was a bully after I asked her if the GI doctor had cleared her for cancer treatments, she went home and e-mailed the GI nurse who then got the doctor to advise that she was good to have treatment. My mom has complicated issues and I had asked my older sister to focus on the bigger picture. If that was being a bully then I am fine with that. I just really want the best for my mom. I don't think that's bad. I could walk away and say forget about it all but I love her too much.

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