Share i saw opera and even tho my mother's place is one eighth the size of that woman - she has the same issues....I need help...she's recovering from knee surgery and doing well (well enough to go without a walker and only use a cane)- to be home soon and i've filled two dumpsters with stuff so the bathroom and kitchen is functional ....i need more help...i hired two women who helped two days...and want them back monthly ...angry that i don't get more help from siblings...they keep sending more "junk" that she doesn't get rid of!
I'm taking Saturday to just clean my own place....and i've run off to the movies to learn the "Enchanted" Happy Cleaning song...alas those little rodents are no help.
One more issue...she wants a "cammode" to put next to her bed...I said ABSOLUTELY NOT....she's well able to walk the 15 feet to her bathroom and has been walking farther in rehab to use the one there nightly.

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I have had this toileting situation with my husband for years. My advice would be to nip this in the bud. By caving in to the demand for a commode you will slow her progress and set up a situation that will not be good for the longer term. I did not do this and now it is very hard to change the siutation.

Thank you viennaf for your "been there and did it and survived" comments....I was so flustered I spelled "Oprah" - "opera".....LOL....altho I have MUCH more than 50 bags worth and no basement to use - i know i'm on the right path....I will use your "law" of throwing out something the same size as what you bring in...
I can't find your post to comment on - what title was it under?
One day at a time is all we can do....Thanks so much for your support - sarrah

Been there and did it and survived. I did one room a day. Got a large box with manilla files and put all important papers in there and placed it next to her bed. Put everything ( and I mean everything ) in 50 or so garbage bags and put them in the basement for six months till she forgot about them and to the dumpster one bag a week till all was gone. It has been two years and she is clutter free and loves it because I have made her accustomed to it. As for the junk I have a sister in law that does the same thing. My law is that if you want this you must want it enough to throw away something that is equal in size to the new item. If not it goes to the garbage bag basement (to be thrown out soon) Physical therapy Physical therapy Physical therapy Physical therapy. You have a two year old again. You wouldn't stunt your childs growth any more than you should allow your mother to be a cripple by her own design. I thought I was alone till I regestered tonight. I am having a problem also. Please read my post and see if you have any advise.

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