Geez...I think if I have to find something again I will scream...

Not least this time there was no serious anxiety associated with it.

I always have to drop everything and look for something that was “put somewhere so it could be found again “...

On the bright side...she realized some unknown being..or me... didn’t hide it...

She said... “Where did I put it?”

Thats all...


Find Care & Housing is the fault is almost a daily routine...especially for the items referred to in this is interesting...however.. that she owned up to misplaying the items and asked me to put them somewhere so they could be found again...
Go figure...previously she would have been extremely upset trying to find them...
She would get sooooo upset..that I would have to stop everything and find them....
The calmness was spooky..
All this followed a tough week where she was upset most of the time...
And...yes..usually “someone” moved it...

I understand this. I am guilty of it,

my whole life I have misplaced things. I always think to myself that I will put it in a place I know it will be safe. I am always certain I will remember where I put it. I never do.

try as I may, this has always been the case with me.

There is is no actual attempt to hide anything. No malice intended.

I just squirrel away thing and then cannot remember where. I bet this is pretty common....maybe is the truth of what is happening with her too?

It is extremely frustrating when a loved one hides things, either intentionally or as part of their disease (dementia).  My grandmother used to think that "people" were coming into her house and taking all sorts of items so she would hide her dentures, bottles of medications, glasses, hearing aids, etc. so that these "people" would not take them.  One of the funny items that were hidden was the LEFT shoe of EVERY PAIR of shoes that she had.  As a result, she only had RIGHT Shoes and NO LEFT Shoes.  Dad eventually found a couple of Left shoes in the basement and in the upstairs bedrooms in boxes. 👠  👟  👞

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