I want to get info but don't want to talk on the phone, my husband can hear everything I say and I don't want that. Can we do this by email???

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Nanna, since you're on the Internet and communicating in writing, your husband can't hear what you say.

E-mail isn't used here as a communication device for problem solving, unless individuals decide to communicate by themselves outside of this forum, which really is a question and answer site, with a lot of people offering suggestions from their own viewpoints.

But I have the feeling you're looking for someone to speak with directly, or very specific, targeted answers. Were you thinking of a consultant on elder care, or some aspect of it?

There are some agencies that can offer general suggestions. I'vefound the Jewish Welfare Federation to be an excellent source for direction, and the Alzheimer's Assn. provides lists of companies and entities in various capacities of providing care.

Perhaps if you gave us a general idea of what your concerns are, more specific suggestions could be made.

Good afternoon,
While moderating, I noticed your inquiry on the forum and passed your request on to our Care Team. Advisors have been asked to contact you by email for further information. Thanks for your interest in AgingCare.

Nanna, if you fear for your safety you need to get out of there. Call the police if necessary.

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