Have you noticed that there are some seniors who really love to talk A LOT? I'm finding that to be the case and not with people who live alone and don't get out much, but, with people who are plenty social, have daily contact and plenty of conversations with family members and friends. Witnessing their conversations is exhausting. I'm not sure how they keep it up. Wouldn't you think a senior would be tired after talking for a solid 3 hours? lol

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BlackHole, my sis is one of those - I try to take the time to listen because she doesn't really have anyone else. Speaker phone is my secret weapon, I can keep myself busy on line or around the house and still hear and grunt an occasional reply.

Mega-talkers drive me nuts. The fast ones. The slow ones.

And (thank you, coyote) the ones who string together 6 sentences to deliver 1 sentence’s worth of info.


Most mega-talkers have the co-morbidity of being terrible listeners.

The Most Egregious ChatBot in my life takes way too long to make her point. Then makes it again 2x or 3x or 4x.

She has notoriously poor recall of her talk tornados.

And - not surprising, I guess - my contribution to the convo rarely registers with her.


During our next encounter or phone call, our older overblown convos are frequently recapped, repeated or semi-repeated. AAARGH.

I have gone low-contact. It’s a zero-sum game.

I struggle with feeling that I should be more available to her. Because....

My Most Egregious ChatBot is a lifelong relative. (My only relative, at this stage of my life.)

Unlike so many, my Most Egregious ChatBot does mean well. She just can’t see beyond the end of her own nose. And goes Off The Rails when she has an audience.

And “goes turbo” with me. Because one of her fave topics is The Rampant Pain, Abuse & Addiction In Our Family: Early 1900s To Present.

Touche’ - I’m her only relative, too. So every once in a while, I indulge My Most Egregious ChatBot.

It it takes a lot out of me.

True, SunnyGirl. I also can't stand people like so, Sunnygirl. People that use five, six sentences to say what they could say in one, Sunnygirl, and they just can't keep their mouth shut, SunnyGirl. But, you know, Sunnygirl, there's an even more annoying kind, Sunnygirl, the ones that manage to talk non stop and put your name in every phrase, you know the kind, SunnyGirl.

My mother has a worse habit. When she is not talking, she turn to us and demands: "say something! talk to me!" I don't know about you, but I find impossible to produce a subject like so, in the fly.

Some say it's a matter of personality. I am ok with being in silence with someone for hours, but that's not for everyone.

My mother talks constantly, whether it's complaining about her aches and pains, yelling at her audio book or the TV, bending my ear every time I walk in the room, or just carrying on conversations with herself.

I once asked her why she talks to herself all the time. Her answer? "I need to hear myself talking so I'll know that I'm still alive."


Maybe you're right. Lots to squeeze in while you have the time, I suppose. Still, it just seems like it would take so much energy out of them. I think some people love the sound of their own voice. lol

Oh my gosh, absolutely! Sometimes I wonder if they are trying to squeeze in every last detail into the time that is left on this earth. Can be overwhelming. My husband's grandmother talked excessively and for the most part I'd tune it out but at times it was so funny that I considered it to be free entertainment! My secret desire was to become a stand up comic because I had loads and loads of material!

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