Grossed out and need to vent- Just caught Mom using my toothbrush to comb her hair!

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awwwwwwwwwwwww lord!
omg I am so disgusted. At least I caught it before I put it in my mouth. I think that this was the first time because it was set in a different place by the sink and had gray hairs pokin out all over.

So sick of being disgusted. I love her but oh man.

Bobbie I get grossed out watching my mom eat. I know I shouldn't say this but I really do. I just came from there brought her some home made spaghetti, (I make great spaghetti) and she always gets more on her wrap than she does in her mouth. It grosses me out because then she picks up the food from her bib and eats it.

I know I know it's wrong but it bothers me terribly.

But the toothbrush thing wow!!!!!!

I'm sure there will be more gross stories to follow!
At least she didn't use your toothbrush like one of the other people I read about earlier. It was like 'mining for nuggets', if you know what I mean. Now that's GROSS! :)
I dont think I can be surprised anymore! The things we've all seen. my only comfort in everything I go through, at least i'm not alone!

umm naheaton... i caught my mom with a spoon... needless to say.. i got a whole new tableware set...
I remember the 'toothbrush miner'. oh yes.

My mom is relatively easy to care for compared to a lot of people on this site, but the bathroom holds special facination.
Especially the poopy part.

I get you about the eating thing too. If mom doesn't finish everything on her plate, she'll try to give it to you after she stabs it all over with her fingers.
You're thinkin ok, I'm just going to go with, 'no thanks mom, I'm stuffed.'
No spagetti here, mom will chase it around the plate so we always use macaroni that stays in the spoon!

I try hard to not feel guilt when I'm grossed out, but it's hard to be blase when your mom shows you a brace of brownies stuffed into the brand new pjs you just bought. And proud!


I'm fine. really.

I turn the tv up loud so I don't have to hear mom chew. And try to avoid looking at her... makes me feel guilty.. but after constantly asking her to chew with her mouth closed and getting no where..i've given up! and her clothes are so stained from "playing" with her food, that i don't even try to stop her anymore. some things, i don't even argue with anymore. the fight isn't worth it.

Speaking of eating.. I just caught mom feeding her cat butter.. *sigh*
Kelly bean I am laughing out loud at that butter........It's just making me crack up.

Gosh it's good we all have one another!!!

Butter............lawd hav mercy!
My husband and I never eat out of the same bowl that my mom does. Like with popcorn for example. Never know what's on those fingers of hers... Or that eye stuff that she gets. Makes me want to yak just thinking about it. I have other examples too. I won't get into them here. Pamela, it's not wrong to be grossed out. It's natural. Don't be so hard on yourself, dear. :)
And by the way, yes we do have to laugh. And knowing others are going through the same thing does help.

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