Hi ! My mom had a stroke back in 2019. Literally will not push herself to do anything. I’m stuck taking care of her. Now I’m to the point where I’m waiting on her Medicare to kick in at the end of the year to be able to get a caregiver. While waiting she keeps making everything so difficult. I don’t sleep at night she calls non stop for stuff she can do majority of the time it’s to turn her on her side which she knows how to do. I try to ignore the calls but she keeps going and going. She complains about everything. Everything is about her. I’ve told her multiple times how I feel she doesn’t care. I’m going crazy. I want to just leave and let her figure it out maybe she’ll finally get it.

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Hello RanikaW95

You sound exhausted. You didn’t state how old your Mom is. Because the elderly people beg for a lot of attention; which is exhausting.
It sound like you may not have anyone, whom is available to help you care for Mom. “I am stuck taking care for her”you stated. That sounds tough to do alone.

Although you stated that she is waiting on Medicare but I known it varies for a disability person, or a full age person on Social Security. Nevertheless ,she needs assistance,right.?

Aging can be scary for some people, a feeling of not wanting to be be alone.;my BF Mom has this issue currently.
Needy, and wanting all my BF attention constantly. This can be frustrating. ,yes I know!

Seek state and government resources in your state. This help will depends on age, and Mom medical condition.

Speak up and do something about your situation!

Search the web until you find what you need,never give up. You found this web site,right? Stay with this site,you will get support.🙏🏾

Be kind to yourself, learn how to have a fun, find some social activities to your liking.

Live life!! It will help while you are seeking help for Mom.

Take much care!

You can get a free phone app that will record all calls! Then, play it for the doctor! My mom always acts good in front of the doctor and I want to have her hear what she really sounds like with me! Just an idea for you! God bless you and please realize that you are doing a great job in a lousy situation!

Have you checked your state's website for timing laws. Here, in MI, DHS has 30 days to approve the app and waiver has 48 hours to do the needs assessment and start services. What are the rules where you live? Sometimes you need to remind them of the laws.

I forget which one it is but I’m waiting on that for her to be able to get a caregiver otherwise we have to pay outta pocket tried it and it’s too expensive.

Do you mean Medicaid? Or is your mom about to turn 65?

In general, Medicare does not pay for home care.

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