To anyone that may remember me, or helped me out last year in June about my alcoholic mother; one last and final update.

My mother is 4 months clean. Last September my father booked her a doctors appointment, made my mom go, and my doctor called the police who then took her to the psychiatric ward for a 72 hour evaluation. She stayed for only 48 hours. Came home. Relapsed. Then in December my sister got wasted at school in the bathroom and when my parents were called to meet her at the emergency room, my mom got a wake up call.

My mom relapsed here and there. But she has been clean since April. I’m still learning to unlearn all the resentment I have, and trying not to snap back when we bicker because I know it’s not what she needs, especially when she’s recovering.

But all in all, she’s the mother I grew up with, and I’m head over heels about it. I haven’t seen this woman in years. Maybe a decade.

I am going to college in September. I worked for the past year to pay for college. I found a job as a housekeeper at a hotel. Tips aren’t great but I’m still getting paid.

Ive noticed my Dad is a lot happier with my mom bouncing around the house. My siblings are a lot happier too.

My mom never got professional help though, which is worrisome because they teach you how to not relapse. However she’s been doing pretty well on her own. I’m hoping she’ll receive help to not go down the same path in the future.

I want to say thank you to everyone who commented and left advise and pushed me to do the right thing. I didn’t have anyone to look to at that point in my life and it meant a lot. I hope everyone who commented is doing well. I hope everyone has a great day or night, whenever you’re reading this. Also, I hope I never have to come on here again looking for advice about my mother. God bless you all.

Lots of love,


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Lots of love to you all. Take care. I don’t know where I would be if y’all didn’t push me. God bless. xx

Well done! You are a force to be reckoned with. You will go far in your life and career.

Enjoy college and your new family life.

May God grant your mom the strength to never relapse again and may your entire family use this experience to lead clean alcohol and drug free lives.

All my best to you dear lady. Hugs!

Oh Sprinkles I’m so glad your family is doing better, and your Dad has stepped up. I have been wondering how you were doing. You’re only another year older, but a lot wiser. Best of luck with your studies. You’re one smart cookie. ((Hugs))

That is great news. Just remember your mom has a fight every day to stay sober and it sounds like she is putting up one a h3ll of a fight. Good for her. I hope you learn a lot and enjoy your college yrs.

May God be with you!

So happy for you Sprinkles and your dad and your sibling, too. I also hope your mother won't relapse.

Wishing you the best in college. Great that you're working and earning money. Some is better than none. And try to stay away from student loans if possible. Many people come out of college then realize they now have a mortgage to pay but no house to live in.

Such good news Sprinkles. So glad to hear back from you with such a great update.

I understand your worry about mom relapsing. Yes. It happens. But I’ll join you in being grateful for where she is and where you are today.

Please do come back, good times or bad. We are here for you.

A good news update, thank you.

Enjoy college.

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