Well, I got Aunty all settled on the sofa last night (where she sleeps until either the hospital bed arrives or P.T. teaches her to walk upstairs). So she tells me to leave the ceiling fan on a while when I got myself ready for bed. I must have fallen asleep, because this morning I got up for my own coffee (she wasn't ready to wake up) and realized that I never turned it off. She said that she was cold all night. All she had to do was ring my phone! (I have a separate line from hers, and also a cellphone! ) Someone from the home health care agency is coming today for some type of evaluation/interview to determine her needs for nursing, O.T. and P.T and what equipment we may need. I will let you know how that turned out.

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You say she is mentally sharp, yet she doesn't have the wherewithal to call you? She didn't want to bother you, but then she complains the next day...this is passive/aggressive manipulative behavior. But maybe you are used to this dynamic?
I wouldn't rely on the phone for her to call you anyway, get a baby monitor or a wireless doorbell (she has the push button, you take the bell with you).

I just saw this old post.. baby monitor sounds like a good idea. I will look into it.We came up with the phone idea only because I have mild hearing issues and sometimes didn't hear her when she called (we sleep on separate floors. )

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