I have been caring for my grandmother for more than 10 years now, her daughter who has lived far away for more than 30 yrs. and has only visited less than a handful of times throughout all these years, recently came to manipulate her mother into giving her power over her finances. My grandmother has the beginning stages of dementia and is very vulnerable. I whom all these years never even dared nor attempted to control her money suspect that her daughter is using her own mother's money for her own benefit. How can I protect my grandmother and report her daughter? The problem is I have no solid proof.

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Many elders reach a point where they need someone else to manage their financial affairs. If Grandma is beginning to show signs of dementia, then the time for someone else the manage the finances has come.

Her daughter (your aunt, right?) apparently thinks she is the person who should do it. I think it makes some sense that as the caregiver you should do it. But if GM is still competent to make decisions then it is definitely her choice who to give DPOA to. You have no proof of wrongdoing. What makes you suspicous?

Is it your mother or your father who is a child of your GM? Is he/she living? What is their role in GM's life? Are their other children?

Make sure your grandmother has a will. You need a power of attorney.. She can write in her will that she acknowledges she has children but does not wish to support them at this time. this needs to happen quickly, before it is too late. You need to get a medical power of attorney as well. You need to be on her accounts, assets property as well, and ck the beneficiary on all of them. Fill out new paperwork for every account she has and have your mother removed.

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