hello I currently work at a supportive living facilty that is low income. I am trying to see if anyone know any type of free or very cheap entertainers etc or outings to go to for cheap for a very low income supportive living.

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Our science museum has a special rate for low income persons and families. It is a low annual fee and then admission is free all year. This was an excellent activity for my husband with dementia.

We also have a free zoo and a lovely plant conservatory.

You'll need to explore the museums, parks, zoos, botanical gardens, etc. in your own community and see if they have special rates for low income and/or handicapped individuals. This information should be on their websites.

Packing up lunch or breakfast and eating it at a park is a nice outing.

Libraries often have story hours. Check if anything they will be offering is suitable for your group. Also ask about having the story reader come to you. Does your library system have a bookmobile? Having the library come to you on a regular schedule can be really fun. The activity at Adult Day Health Program that my husband liked the most was the activities director or a nurse reading a chapter a week from an interesting book. I remember that Cheaper by the Dozen was one of the choices. Not everyone attended that program every day, and that is why they did it once a week. It could certainly be done more often. (It is really surprising to me how many adults love being read to!)

Do you have outdoor games such as badmitton, bocce ball, or croquet?

If you have any industries in your area that give tours, that is another option.

Good luck!

Here are some things I've seen the AL where my Mom is offer. The scouts have come to do craft projects with the residents (scout group provides the materials), middle school glee club did a short segment from their December concert, clergy from various groups come and do prayer services and some bring their choir, a local school had their Halloween parade through the complex to show off the costumes --- AL provided wrapped candies. This is all NO COST to the residents or AL for that matter. Cosmetic vendors (door to door sales) come in once a year and help the ladies do make up, local residents may come in and show their vacation photos - a sort of travel log, pet therapy from the local shelter. If you can get residents out to places, our community theater is always looking for 'worthy' audience for their dress rehearsal performance. Our 'health services ' students at the vo-tech high school spend time at the AL learning how to interact with the seniors. A religious education program may be willing to provide some out reach to your group. Get some old time movies and have a movie date you can serve pop corn and that is inexpensive. There are toss games that seniors seem to love, Bean bags throw into hoops with points, Balloons tossed about , seedlings that can be started then planted on your grounds - perhaps a local garden club could help with that, etc etc. Was this any help?

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