My parents live with my brother and are in need of home health care for toileting , and self care. They hardly have any money but is there provision via Medicare or Medicaid or Medical (they live in California) for money to help with home health care. Would my brother's income play a part in this eligibility for them?

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My mom who is 83 years old has alzheimers demtia. I am her caregiver. It gets harder and harder to take care of her. I do not want to put her in a nursing home. she has very little in the amount of money and does not own anything. My dad is still living and only has his social security pension. We live in New york I was wondering what is needed to apply for medicaid homecare. I also don't know where any of her personal documentation is we are unable to find it anywhere. What are documents that are needed for the process of applying. Any help would greatly be appreciated. i am at the end of my rope.

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