Hi, I have had my Mom in an apartment connected to our home for 7 years and have helped he out since way before my Dad crossed over in 2004. I am run out of positive energy and need a major break and have told her that she needs to move into an assisted living facility that is just beautiful but after I told her I found out that she has to be put on a 3 month waiting list. Now all she wants to do is sleep. Do I tell her it will be a while before she has to go or just leave it the way it is. She goes into tantrums everytime we talk about moving her anywhere. Thanks!

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First get her medicated. If you don't, the move will only make her problems worse. Anxiety meds at first. Antidepressants are added if needed.

Most anxiety meds have major side effects including sleeping! It is a hard time for us both as I hate to see her upset but she just gets major angry with everything I say and do. I just told her that there is going to be a wait and she says she is doing just fine here and does not want to live like those people. I understand that but I just can't take her and drop her off, I have to tell her but this just did not work. She says she hurts and has a list of reasons for everything. Thanks for your input!

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