I cant go pee without fear that she will get up and get hurt.

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thanks jenna ...she does go to day care twice a week but it is so expensive that i feel guilty sleeping... and the housework suffers , i cant leave the room for more than a few moments and she is getting up .she is a serious fall risk. we do this all day long, btw she is my mother in law and her five children...who live near by dont even come to visit ,let alone offer to help...they SUCK

Concern about nighttime behavior is one of the primary reasons caregivers place a loved one in a care center.

We cannot care for someone 24 hours without getting a decent night's sleep ourselves. Cannot be safely done.

My first suggestion is to discuss this with the doctor, and see if there are any suggestions for helping your loved one sleep through the night.

Next, is there any way you can get some in-home help at night? Ideally you would go to bed and this person would take over keeping loved one safe.

Is it possible for your loved one to attend a day program for part of the day? If you could use this time for a nap that might be helpful. But it really doesn't fully replace an uninterrupted night's sleep.

Are you considering a care center placement?

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