I'm not sure my first attempt loaded so here I go again. My aunt has dementia and a colostomy. She is so unaware of its purpose and constantly pulls the bag off. I have tried pinning gloves to her shirt, pinning the bottom of her shirt to her pants, taping the gloves after they've been pinned, putting two gloves on with the inner glove taped with cardboard so she can't grab anything and a wide band around her waist to cover the colostomy completely. Nothing has worked - does anyone have any suggestions? THANKS

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Try Mittens. you can buy these from Posey. They are a form of restraint, but they work. She will be able to move her arms up and down-but will not be able to grab anything. Good luck.

Check this out!

This made a huge difference for mom finding dignity again. She was always very careful to stay clean and empty/manage the bag herself. Her fronto- temporal dementia took away remembering how to empty the bag or assist in doing it; so, she started pulling it off anywhere and anytime. She became obsessed with it. She is in a memory unit and we had to hire a 1:1 caregiver for her for 12 hrs because she could be dangerous to others! This allows her to wear regular clothes and keep clean and have her dignity. Her anxiety level has also decreased.

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