Coping with caregiver burnout.


I don't normally post things but I am at my wits end. I am so tired as well as physically and mentally drained. i take care of my mother with dementia and am in need of "respite care." It seems like the more research I do the more I realize there's very little help for caregivers beyond common sense. I have basically come to the point that I need to try respite care in a nursing home out of pocket. I am having such a hard time dealing with the mental and physical tolls taking care of her has placed on the both of us. I am too tired to even sit and cry.

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Dear Heather,

So sorry to hear how you are feeling. It is overwhelming caring for an elderly parent. Always hard to find the right balance. Please try and arrange respite care as soon as possible. And consider counselling or joining a support group. Try to access resources through the community. And give yourself a break as soon as possible. I hope another friend or family member might be able to sit with your mom for even an one hour so you can get some time for yourself. Thinking of you. Sending you extra hugs.

I recall that I once was chatting with the Director of a local Senior Center and she told me that they or someone they retained provided Respite care for anyone who asked. (I assume the people who use their center.) And it was free of charge. I didn't need the service at the time, because my LO was in AL, but, I thought it was a very nice service. I'd look into that. Also, doesn't PACE or Medicare provide some help with Respite care? I'd call around, although, it sounds like you may have already done some checking.

Totally understood. I used respite care for my mother in January and it was wonderful. We did have to pay out of pocket but you can't but a price on peace of mind and having you own life for awhile. I hope you have found a place and you get some relief.